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City of Edenvale launches investigation into cause of subsidence



subsidence in Edenvale

Despite the need for further investigation to determine the cause of subsidence in Edenvale, the City has conducted a visual inspection to assess the situation at the intersection of Laurie and Hubert Mathew roads.

However, the City has acknowledged that a comprehensive investigation is necessary before repairs commence.

According to Zweli Dlamini, spokesperson for the City, one possible cause of the subsidence is the collapse of underground stormwater pipes.

The City of Edenvale was alerted to the issue on April 22 and has since emphasised the importance of conducting a thorough investigation to identify the exact cause and recommend appropriate remedial solutions.

Dlamini explained that the City needed a comprehensive investigation before providing any repair timeline or cost estimation.


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He further stated that subsidence incidents like this, while unfortunate, are not uncommon and often unavoidable.

Dlamini outlined several potential causes of stormwater pipe collapses, including age and deterioration, soil movement, heavy rain or flooding, poor installation, corrosion, tree roots, and construction-related damage.

In response to the NEWS article published on May 3, Ward 18 Councillor Heather Hart expressed concern over the broken barrier tape placed to block the intersection. In addition, she highlighted the danger faced by residents who continued to use the intersection, exacerbating the collapse.

Following her request, residents have urged the City to install protective barriers around the affected area to ensure the safety of both pedestrians and motorists.


Meanwhile, the City has advised people and drivers to seek alternative routes, such as Owen and Aileen roads, until it can implement the necessary repairs and remedial actions at the subsidence site.

Source: CoE to investigate the cause of subsidence in Edenvale

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