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Security Guards Bound During Substation Robbery



Substation security guards

Substation security guards were tied up during a robbery at the Van Eck Park Substation. The criminals stole copper cables worth thousands of rands. After overpowering the guards on duty, the three men accessed the premises around 01:00 on Tuesday.

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According to Brakpan SAPS, seven guards patrolled in groups, with three being attacked while on patrol. One guard fled, but robbers took the other to a building on the premises and tied up along with two guards inside. The robbers then cut cables from cable drums stored in the building before fleeing on foot with stolen cell phones. The guards managed to free themselves after the robbers left.

Police recovered four lengths of cable in a nearby veld during a search. An ambulance was called for one guard who injured himself during his escape. The stolen items, including the cables and cellphones, are valued at R51 000, prompting opening a business robbery docket.

Source: Substation security guards tied up during robbery


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Picture: Pexels / Somchai Kongkamsri

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