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Santaco Taxi Strike: Violence-Filled Stayaway Affects 400,000 Children and 17,000 Workers’ School Attendance



taxi strike keeps children and workers out of school

The taxi strike keeps children and workers out of school, as evidenced by the impact on many children’s lives.

The strike’s impact on education and transportation

According to Briefly News, the strike began on August 7, leading to violent scenes across the city. There have been attacks on public and private vehicles, and both motorists and students have faced harassment, resulting in many learners being unable to attend school.

The consequences for learners and staff

According to the Western Cape Department of Education, a staggering 456,020 learners and 17,449 staff members have been unable to reach their schools due to the strike. Western Cape Education Minister David Maynier expressed his concern, stressing that losing teaching and learning time is detrimental to the students.

Incidents of violence during the strike

In one disturbing incident reported by GroundUp, teachers and pupils at Weltevreden Primary School in Samora Machel, Philippi, were forced to flee as suspected taxi drivers began to chase them. The taxi drivers allegedly threw stones and used their vehicles to pursue people, causing chaos outside the school gates.

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Public reaction and condemnation

The strike’s impact on children and education has drawn strong reactions from the public on social media. Many criticised the taxi operators for their disruptive actions and the negative consequences they inflicted on society. Some comments reflect frustration and disappointment, with individuals blaming both taxi operators and the political establishment for the ongoing situation.

Violent scenes captured in a video

As the taxi strike continues, violence and disruption continue to unfold. A social media video posted by crime activist Ian Cameron depicts suspected taxi operators disturbingly attacking a vehicle, underscoring the intensity and tension surrounding the strike.

As the strike persists, its ripple effects on education, transportation, and public safety continue to raise concerns and prompt discussions about the role of taxi operators and the impact of such actions on society.

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