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Teacher Fatally Stabbed in Her Home



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Just days ago, a Seaview Primary School teacher was stabbed to death in a horrifying incident, bringing a tragic and brutal end to her life as she was brutally attacked in her kitchen. This unfortunate murder shares an eerie resemblance to a previous tragedy that struck the same family.

The victim, Dr Priya Bhim, was reported missing on October 17 after she failed to report to school. The Bayview police initiated a preliminary investigation, leading to the discovery of her lifeless body at her Silverglen home.

Warrant Officer Collin Chetty, the communications officer of Bayview SAPS, shed light on the investigative efforts: “On October 17, a missing person’s case was opened and investigated by Bayview SAPS for Priya Bhim (49) of Silverglen, where a preliminary investigation started. The victim was last seen on October 11. On October 18, members of the Bayview CSC and sector management followed up on information received regarding the deceased’s car in the Mariannhill area. This information led to the arrest of one man, who was also in possession of items belonging to the deceased, including her vehicle and house keys. The officers then proceeded to the missing person’s home where she was found deceased.”

The story takes a disturbing turn when one reflects on the past. In 2018, Dr Bhim’s father, Bhim Sukununun, who served as the director of Natal Brake and Clutch, fell victim to a brutal home invasion. He was found bound and severely beaten within an inch of his life, eventually succumbing to his injuries in the hospital. Dr Bhim made the grim discovery, the youngest daughter of the family.

The disturbing parallels between these two tragic deaths have left many puzzled and unnerved. Tansen Nepaul, a cousin and former senior technical producer at SABC, shared his profound devastation and shock at the news of Dr. Bhim’s death. Describing her as humble, devoted to Lord Krishna, and highly intelligent with 11 degrees, he highlighted her musical talent and affinity for the isiZulu language.


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He added, “Tragically, our family has had to suffer this sort of brutality twice now. After her father’s murder, that house was turned into a fortress, so we do not know how this all happened.”

The heartfelt condolences are pouring in for the bereaved family, with Dawn Gounden of Renegades Search and Rescue acting as the family’s spokesperson. She expressed the deep grief and shock that has engulfed Dr. Bhim’s family and the entire community.

The investigation into Dr Priya Bhim’s murder is complex and challenging. The police, supported by the PT Alarm Tactical Unit and Pro Secure, have worked relentlessly to gather evidence and analyze the case. An informer played a crucial role in providing evidence that was instrumental in locating Dr. Bhim.

Gounden mentioned that the family deeply appreciates the hard work invested in solving the case, bringing some closure to a tragedy that profoundly impacted the community. They hope this terrible loss will serve as a lesson, preventing others from experiencing such an unimaginable tragedy.


The accused, Musa Wenkosi Sibisi, appeared in the Chatsworth Magistrates Court, with the case scheduled for a formal bail application on October 30. Anyone with information to assist in the investigation can contact Detective Warrant Officer Khomo at 079-500-0139.

Source: Teacher brutally stabbed to death in her home

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