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Three Municipal-Owned Vehicles Confiscated for Unauthorised Private Use



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On 23 May 2023, members of the EMPD’s Security and Loss Control Unit took possession of three municipal-owned vehicles at a local high school, causing a stir in the community.

Lieutenant Colonel Kelebogile Thepa, a spokesperson for the EMPD, stated that the unit had received information regarding the misuse of vehicles. As a result, it was discovered that a marked BMW, belonging to the EMPD, along with a marked Ford Ranger, owned by DEMS, and an unmarked white Ford Ranger, belonging to the parks department, were being used by their assigned drivers to transport their children to school.

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“This blatant misuse of council resources is a clear violation of the terms of their contracts,” remarked Thepa.

In response to this misconduct, the vehicles were promptly impounded, and internal investigations have been initiated against the responsible drivers.


Thepa emphasised the importance of adhering to the appropriate usage of council-owned resources. Such resources are intended for the provision of public services, and it is crucial that they are not misappropriated for personal purposes.

“We wish to reiterate that those who are assigned the use of council-owned resources, which are specifically allocated for the benefit of the public, must refrain from utilising them for personal matters. These resources are dedicated solely to serve the community,” Thepa concluded.

Source: Privately used metro vehicles confiscated

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