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Tombstone Erection Still Prohibited by Metro in Mamelodi (Mams)



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It has been nearly two years, and families in Mamelodi are still facing delays in unveiling tombstones for their deceased loved ones.

The families have been waiting for the Tshwane metro to appoint a contractor to construct berm strips between the graves.

One affected family, the Kolobes from Mamelodi East Section SNS, had to postpone the unveiling of three tombstones for their loved ones, which was originally scheduled for October of last year.

Johanna Makgatla, the family’s spokesperson, expressed their frustration, stating that they are unable to take any action as the Tshwane metro has threatened to confiscate any tombstones erected in the meantime.

Makgatla explained that the metro has prohibited the erection of headstones in the Heatherley cemetery until they build the concrete slab that strengthens the ground surrounding the graves.


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The family had set a date for the unveiling in October of the previous year for their two late brothers and mother. Still, the ban prevented them from following tradition, which dictates that tombstones be erected a year after burial.

Makgatla mentioned that two tombstones for the Mamelodi West cemetery had already been made, with only the one in the Heatherley cemetery remaining.

She emphasised that it is time to honour their mother by marking her final resting place, as she was buried in May 2021.

Despite paying for and preparing the headstone, the family was forced to postpone the unveiling due to the metro’s interference.


Makgatla added that the metro had announced a tender advertisement for the construction of berm strips last year, but there has been a lack of progress and communication.

The Kolobe family’s struggle is not unique, as other families in Mamelodi, such as the Moyas and Khumalos in Mahube Valley, Mamelodi East, have also been affected.

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Annah Moya, who lost her husband in June 2020, explained that the unveiling of his tombstone had been delayed.

She expressed the importance of dedicating a headstone to mark the final resting place and facilitate identification of the grave.


Moya shared that she was informed she could not erect a headstone until the metro poured the necessary concrete slab.

Similarly, Mokgohlwe Khumalo, whose husband’s headstone has been paid for, is unable to set a date for the unveiling due to the metro’s delays and lack of information.

These families, and many others in Mamelodi, are appealing to the Tshwane metro to address the situation promptly, as the number of families seeking to erect tombstones for their loved ones continues to grow.

Source: Metro continues to prevent erecting of tombstones in Mams

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