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Truck drivers’ threat of strike will shake up transportation industry



Truck drivers threaten to go on strike

Truck drivers threaten to go on strike over the employment of foreign drivers and employers’ use of loading systems. In the past, such strikes have caused significant traffic disruptions on the country’s major economic routes, as per SABC News. Because of this strike, the government formed a task team to address the drivers’ concerns. Still, the All Truck Drivers Forum says the issues remain unresolved. In addition, the Truckers Association of South Africa is concerned that the planned strike would harm the economy and communities. However, the Association’s President, Mary Phadi, says they will engage with the drivers soon to avert another strike.

The previous strikes have been violent, leading to the burning and vandalism of many trucks. These events have also fueled tensions between South African and foreign drivers. Many drivers feel caught between the need to make a living and concerns about their safety.

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