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Tshwane Warns Drunk Drivers: Crackdown Underway



Tshwane Warns Drunk Drivers: Crackdown Underway

Tshwane, in collaboration with its metro police (TMPD), has introduced a state-of-the-art alcohol-testing bus designed to eliminate drunk drivers from the roads, enhancing overall road safety.

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Launched on the R80 near Rosslyn, this mobile alcohol-testing bus brings advanced precision to detecting intoxicated drivers. According to Grandi Theunissen, Tshwane’s MMC for community safety, the bus has cutting-edge testing equipment for swift and accurate alcohol testing.

The launch of this bus occurred in October during Transport Month as part of a broader campaign aimed at enhancing road safety and reducing road fatalities. The initiative is a direct response to the prevalence of drunk driving in local communities, with its devastating consequences for individuals and their families.

Moreover, the alcohol-testing bus will also serve the purpose of checking outstanding traffic fines. Theunissen stressed that this bus will be deployed throughout Tshwane during road safety operations to discourage and prevent individuals from endangering themselves and others by driving under the influence.


He emphasised that road safety is a shared responsibility, and the success of this initiative relies on strong collaboration among law enforcement, local communities, businesses, and civil society. Grandi Theunissen issued a stern warning to drunk drivers, stating that they would face severe consequences.

He said, “All drunk drivers in Tshwane… your days on our roads are numbered, as our alcohol bus is coming for all of you.” The swift detection of drunk driving is crucial for ensuring successful prosecutions.

The public is encouraged not to drink and drive, and residents are urged to report drunk driving incidents to the TMPD through the contact information provided.

Source: Tshwane puts drunk drivers on notice

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