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Swift Action by Fox Security Leads to Arrest of House Robbers in Brackenhurst



two house robbers in Brackenhurst arrested

In a rapid response operation, two house robbers in Brackenhurst were apprehended on September 6, thanks to the vigilance of Fox Security.

According to Francois Jansen, the Operations Director of Fox Security, the incident unfolded when a local real estate company reached out to them. The company had gone to inspect a property and became suspicious upon hearing unusual sounds emanating from inside the house.

Without hesitation, Fox Security’s Reaction units sprang into action. They swiftly arrived at the scene and discovered both suspects red-handed inside the house while removing valuables.

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The suspects carried tools typically used for breaking and entering, further incriminating their intentions.


Fox Security summoned law enforcement, and both suspects were taken into custody by the Brackendowns South African Police Service (SAPS).

This incident underscores the critical role that security companies like Fox Security play in ensuring the safety and security of communities.

Source: Two house robbers arrested in Brackenhurst

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Picture: X / SAPoliceService

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