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Urgent Pleas for Unity Resonate Across Chiefdoms



United Royal of Ekurhuleni

Last Saturday, the United Royal of Ekurhuleni organised an imbizo in Mqantsa, Tembisa, promoting cultural celebration and heritage.

Thembinkosi Vazi Ngingi, representing the Hleke Chiefdom, highlighted the event’s aim: fostering unity among tribes for collective strength.

Acknowledging historical divisions, Ngingi stressed the importance of unity, emphasising the strength of togetherness.

Ngingi believes chiefs are crucial in addressing societal issues and providing guidance and direction to communities facing challenges.

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He highlighted the lack of guidance and expressed the need to equip families, fostering responsible citizenship and community well-being.

Addressing concerns about the justice system, Ngingi highlighted the importance of utilising resources for community development, not internal conflict.

The imbizo also addressed health matters, offering HIV, TB, and high blood pressure screenings to promote well-being and community health.

Source: Calls for unity among chiefdoms

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