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University of Johannesburg Claims Top Spot as South Africa’s Leading Research Producer



University of Johannesburg Claims Top Spot as South Africa's Leading Research Producer

The University of Johannesburg has achieved a groundbreaking feat as it has been named the top producer of research outputs in South Africa. This momentous achievement was reported in a recent evaluation released by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

The report evaluated the research output of 26 universities in the country, and UJ emerged as the number one institution with a whopping 2753.4 research output units in terms of refereed publications. This is a significant development for a comprehensive university that was formed out of a merger in 2005.

This accomplishment speaks to UJ’s commitment to research excellence and its potential to advance knowledge and benefit humanity.

The university’s success is attributed to its strong research culture and investment in research infrastructure and support. The DHET report emphasizes the importance of research in higher education and its far-reaching impact on society.

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“Outstanding work by colleagues all around! We are proud of the immense dedication and performance of our staff, postdoctoral fellows, students, research associates, research divisions, centres and institutes. A special thanks and gratitude to all the institutions (sponsors and funders – national, regional and international) who invest in our research endeavours; we could not have done this without them”, said Professor Letlhokwa Mpedi, Vice-Chancellor and Principal, University of Johannesburg.

UJ submitted a total of 4,555 publications worth 2,817 units, representing an impressive 18.8% increase compared to the previous year. Journal articles, books, and chapters continue to form a significant portion of UJ’s research output, while conference proceedings have declined in percentage.

Over 96% of the journal articles submitted were listed on international journal indexes, with 78% being indexed in the prestigious Scopus international publication and citation database.

UJ’s per capita research publications output is also on the rise, placing it among the top three institutions in the country for 2021 publications.


This outstanding achievement is a testament to UJ’s unwavering commitment to research excellence, investment in research infrastructure and support, and strong research culture.

The DHET report underscores the critical role of research in higher education and its potential to create a lasting impact on society.

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