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Urgent Call for Residents to Log Queries With Relevant Entities



Johannesburg Water

Residents in Rosebank and surrounding areas are encouraged to actively report any burst pipes or leaks to their ward councillors. For example, a concerned resident recently brought attention to a blocked sewerage drain at Oxford Road and North Avenue intersection, which has remained unattended for over two weeks.

Ward councillor Tim Truluck expressed his unawareness of the blocked drain and urged residents to log queries with the relevant entities. By doing so, he can intervene and escalate the matter if necessary.

  • To report issues to Johannesburg Water, residents can follow these steps:
  • Call the Call Center at +27 (0)11 375 5555.
  • Send an SMS to the SMS Line at +27 (0)45 201.
  • Make anonymous tip-offs by calling +27 80 000 2587.
  • Email [email protected].

Once the query is logged, Johannesburg Water should provide a reference number for future reference.

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Following the completion of this process, residents can contact their ward councillor and follow these steps to further escalate the matter:

  • Provide your name.
  • Share your contact number.
  • Specify your address, including the suburb and nearest street corner or avenue.
  • Include the reference number provided by Johannesburg Water.
  • Mention the date and time when the issue was first logged.
  • Briefly describe the problem (keeping it concise).
  • Attach a photo if available.

Source: Residents are urged to log queries to the relevant entities

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