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New Surveillance Technology Exposes Alarming Numbers of Suspicious Vehicles and Activities in Joburg Daily



Vumacam captures around 4,500 suspicious vehicles and activities in Joburg daily

On Tuesday, Vumacam CEO Ricky Croock revealed that his company’s smart and license recognition cameras pick up over 4,500 suspicious vehicles and activities daily around the Johannesburg metropolitan area. According to TimesLIVE, He announced this news while signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the wireless outdoor camera provider and the City of Johannesburg’s public safety department.

According to Croock, Vumacam has more than 6,000 cameras deployed throughout the streets of Johannesburg to boost the integrated intelligence operations centre (IIOC) in its efforts to make the metro crime-free. Technicians will mount the cameras on walls and poles in public places. Experts will manage the cameras through a solid fibre network connected to the IIOC.

The VumaCam cameras have black screen technology featuring intelligence to understand unusual incidents and occurrences. In addition, motion detection, night vision, two-way communication and cloud storage will detect suspicious activities, assist officers with investigations, and monitor bylaw infringements. As a result, law enforcement officers can monitor human activity remotely and improve traffic flow, emergency response times, and overall municipal resources deployment.

Croock assured that Vumacam had designed its system specifically for the South African environment. Their footage is water-stamped and time-stamped, so it will be admissible when prosecutors submit evidence to the court. In addition, the cameras will help departments and entities improve service delivery and mitigate crimes against municipal assets.

Public safety MEC Mgcini Tshwaku stated that the cameras would allow law enforcement officers to quickly stop vehicles and arrest criminals, helping to boost the city’s law enforcement and crime prevention efforts. The cameras are internet-connected and monitored by a team to guarantee they always work.


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Picture: Twitter / Vumacam

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