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Van Buuren Road residents frustrated by yet another water leak



water leak in Van Buuren Road has led to authorities closing it

A water leak in Van Buuren Road has led to authorities closing it, causing chaos for motorists in the Bedfordview area. The ongoing leak contributes to the road’s poor condition, making it difficult for authorities to fix the potholes that have developed due to flooding. According to Ward 20 Clr Jill Humphreys, flooding has been a long-standing issue for months and has recently worsened.

Humphreys explained that the water flooding the area has made repairing the potholes impossible. Despite attempts by Sanral to fix the potholes four times in the past six months, the water continues to cause damage, and repairs disintegrate shortly afterwards. The Better Bedfordview community group has also tried to fix the potholes. Still, nothing can withstand the excessive water in the area.

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Authorities believe that the area is the spring where the Oriel Stream originates, and the amount of water and strength of the flow have led Humphreys to suspect that another burst pipe is contributing to the flow. Testing for chlorine was done, and the results confirmed that the water was chlorine-free. However, Humphreys consulted with a geotechnical engineer, who indicated that even if the water is chlorine-free, it could flow through dense soil, which filters out the chlorine.

As an interim measure, authorities have partially barricaded the road to protect motorists from the worst potholes until they can resolve the issue. In addition, Humphreys has requested that the valves in the area be closed off to observe the flow rate. If the flow rate reduces, it could indicate a burst and further investigation will be required.


As of the time of writing, Sanral has yet to respond to the issue. Therefore, motorists should avoid the affected area until Sanral has resolved the problem and authorities have declared the road safe for travel.

Source: Another water leak on Van Buuren Road frustrates locals

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Picture:  Unsplash / Georg Arthur Pflueger

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