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Watch: Woman Leaps to Kiss Siya Kolisi on Final Stop of Springbok Victory Tour



woman jumped to kiss siya kolisi

A woman jumped to kiss Siya Kolisi on the last stop of the Springbok victory tour, which drew thousands of South Africans to greet the triumphant team as they travelled through the country.

The tour’s final leg brought the Springboks to East London, where an enthusiastic woman eagerly jumped forward in an attempt to plant a kiss on the lips of rugby captain Siya Kolisi.

A viral video captured the moment Siya Kolisi exited the tour bus and unexpectedly encountered the woman’s attempt to kiss him. In response, Kolisi pushed her away, and police quickly stepped in to ensure his safety.


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Reactions to the incident varied online, with some finding it humorous while others deemed it harassment and assault. Actor Siv Ngesi shared the video on Instagram and commented on the situation, suggesting that the woman was fortunate that Siya’s wife, Rachel, wasn’t present.

Comments on the post expressed various opinions, with some condemning the woman’s actions and others empathising with Siya’s response.

While Siya and his wife, Rachel, have not made official statements about the incident, Siya celebrated the conclusion of the victory tour in East London on Instagram.



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Source: WATCH: Woman jumps to kiss Siya Kolisi on last stop of Springbok victory tour

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