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Woolworths Drops Israeli Products: Africa4Palestine NGO Reports



Woolworths Drops Israeli Products Africa4Palestine NGO Reports

Woolworths has officially confirmed that it no longer stocks any products imported from Israel, as communicated by Africa4Palestine. The human rights NGO received a formal letter from Woolworths CEO, Mr Roy Bagattini, affirming this decision.

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The company sees this move as aligning with the principles of ethical consumerism, emphasising its commitment to social responsibility. Africa4Palestine expressed appreciation for Woolworths’ responsiveness and called off the #BoycottWoolworths campaign, encouraging other companies to follow Woolworths’ example, as reported by IOL.

This decision comes amid political calls, notably from EFF leader Julius Malema, urging the removal of Israeli products from Woolworths shelves. In response, Woolworths emphasised its non-partisan stance, highlighting its preference for local sourcing while clearly labelling the country of origin on products. Business Report sought further comment from Woolworths regarding Africa4Palestine’s statement.

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