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Gold One Mine Hostage Drama: Workers Beginning to Resurface After Four-Day Ordeal



Workers are beginning to resurface

There has been a development regarding the Gold One Modder East hostage crisis in Springs. Workers are beginning to resurface, signalling a potential resolution to the four-day hostage drama that unfolded underground.

EWN reports that this debacle marks the second standoff between the company and disgruntled workers in as many months. The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union supporters allegedly blockaded the shaft exit last week, initially stemming from a labour dispute over organising rights in October. The company’s subsequent dismissal of 74 workers further escalated tensions, with miners demanding the scrapping of the disciplinary process.

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The situation underground, exacerbated by a shortage of food supplies, appears to be improving as approximately 300 of the nearly 500 mineworkers have already resurfaced, according to Ziyaad Hassam, the mine’s head of legal. Hassam expressed optimism, stating, “We anticipate that the remainder will also be coming up to the surface in the coming minutes, but we will confirm that once that has been resolved. We do think there is an end in sight. We certainly hope that everybody will be coming up to the surface. We will do a headcount to make sure that that is the case.”

The mine’s management continues to address the unfolding events.


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