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Young Girl Spends Family’s R1.2m Savings on Mobile Games



The prevalence of easy internet access, particularly in the realm of mobile games, has brought about interesting consequences for the younger generations, namely millennials and Gen Z. With online communication, virtual education, and gaming at their fingertips, these youngsters have unprecedented opportunities. However, sometimes this unrestricted access can lead to extreme situations, as a Chinese family recently discovered as reported by Microsoft Start.

According to the ‘South China Morning Post’, a 13-year-old girl with a mobile gaming addiction managed to exhaust her family’s entire savings. The incident occurred in the Henan province of central China, and the girl remains anonymous.

Over a span of four months, the high school student allegedly withdrew funds from her mother’s bank account without her knowledge. The discovery of her scheme was made by one of her teachers, who promptly informed the girl’s mother.

The teacher had noticed the teenager’s excessive obsession with her smartphone and observed her spending an inordinate amount of time engrossed in mobile games. Additional reports from ‘Elephant News’ revealed that when the mother checked her bank balance, she was left with a mere R1.33.

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After her father confronted her about the depleting funds, the girl admitted to spending R323,163 on games, R561,330 on in-game purchases, and R267,355 on games for ten of her classmates.

“I paid for their games despite feeling reluctant,” the girl stated when asked about her expenditures.

She further explained that she had little knowledge about money or its origin. When she stumbled upon a debit card at home, she simply connected it to her smartphone. Additionally, she mentioned her mother had provided her with the card’s password in case she needed money when they were absent.

This unfortunate incident sheds light on the importance of educating young individuals about responsible financial management and the potential dangers of excessive screen time and addiction.

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