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South Africa Unveils its Largest Man-Made Beach, 7 Times Bigger Than a Football Field



Munyaka Estate Crystal Lagoon

Balwin Properties has recently unveiled the most significant manufactured beach in Africa, Johannesburg, as part of the Munyaka Development in Waterfall City. According to YEN News, Munyaka Estate Crystal Lagoon covers an area of around 30,000 square metres, which is seven times bigger than a football field, making it the largest in the southern hemisphere.

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The development, which features 5,020 residences, will be completed by 2033. According to Steve Brookes, CEO of Balwin Properties, the project is expected to create 4,200 new jobs throughout the development. Approximately 1,000 of the units have already been built and are occupied.

The collaboration between Balwin Properties and Crystal Lagoon, which holds the patent for these lagoon improvements, has made this unique project possible. The news of the manufactured beach in South Africa has attracted attention on social media, with Africa Facts Zone’s tweet garnering several comments.

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Picture: Facebook / Munyaka Estate

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