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WeBuyCars Implements Sustainability Project in Showrooms Nationwide



WeBuyCars is rolling out a sustainability project

WeBuyCars is rolling out a sustainability project across its countrywide network of 15 showrooms, reinforcing its commitment to eco-friendly practices and addressing the growing importance of sustainability in the market. Recognising the need for environmentally conscious choices, the company aims to reduce its environmental impact while offering customers the opportunity to support a more sustainable future through vehicle choices, as reported by Engineering News.

John Mills, the Chief Operating Officer at WeBuyCars, emphasised the company’s response to the increasing recognition of environmentally friendly practices and the need to mitigate the impact of the country’s energy supply issue. He highlighted the continuous progress made by WeBuyCars in energy efficiency and water conservation, ensuring that customers can make environmentally conscious purchases with minimised carbon footprints.

“We don’t just set theoretical targets for environmental performance; we have been practical about what we can achieve because we have been innovating on this front for so long,” Mills explained. The company has successfully implemented various initiatives to promote sustainability, including adopting LED lighting, installing flow meters for rainwater harvesting, and integrating solar panels.

One significant initiative is the widespread adoption of LED lighting throughout all branches. This transition has substantially reduced energy consumption, as LED lights require significantly less power than conventional lighting fixtures. This change leads to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to cost savings for the company.

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Mills shared the positive results of retrofitting LED lighting in the Johannesburg South branch, where energy consumption decreased from 99 kilowatts to only 39 kilowatts per hour. With this remarkable energy-saving potential across all branches, WeBuyCars anticipates recovering the initial investment for LED lighting within just two years, making it a financially viable and environmentally sound decision.

In their commitment to water conservation, WeBuyCars has installed flow meters at their branches to accurately measure water consumption and promptly address any inefficiencies or wastage. This measure allows the company to eliminate unnecessary water usage and demonstrate savings to clients and investors, aligning with the increasing consciousness of water scarcity.

To further ensure continuity of supply during water shortages, WeBuyCars has implemented water backup systems as a business continuity measure. These systems provide an alternative water supply, reducing reliance on municipal water sources and minimising disruptions to daily operations. By proactively addressing water scarcity concerns, WeBuyCars demonstrates its commitment to responsible water usage.

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The company has also embarked on a significant solar panel rollout across its branches, with nine out of fifteen branches benefiting from this renewable energy source. The largest branch at The Dome in Northriding, Randburg, notably has 431 solar panels. By reducing reliance on the traditional grid and harnessing cleaner energy sources on-site, WeBuyCars is actively reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to a greener environment.


Looking ahead, WeBuyCars aims to quantify the impact of its sustainability efforts through concrete figures and measurable results. The company plans to engage independent experts to assess the success of these initiatives, track progress over time and share success stories to inspire others to adopt similar sustainable practices.

Education plays a crucial role in WeBuyCars’ sustainability drive. The company intends to consolidate its commitment to renewable energy, water conservation, and energy efficiency into a comprehensive sustainability document. This document will serve as a testament to WeBuyCars’ accomplishments and form the basis for meaningful dialogue with stakeholders about the importance of sustainable business practices.

By proactively integrating sustainability measures into its operations, WeBuyCars demonstrates its dedication to the environment and encourages positive change within the automotive industry. As consumers increasingly prioritise sustainability, WeBuyCars sets an example for other businesses, stressing the importance of eco-friendly practices and their role in shaping a greener future.

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