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20-Year-Old Man’s Triumph: Securing R22 Million in Lotto



20-Year-Old Man's Triumph Securing R22 Million in Lotto

A young South African man, merely 20 years old, has triumphed in the lottery, attesting that his unwavering persistence has finally borne fruit in the form of an impressive R22 million windfall.

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Under the headline “MAN BAGS R22 MILLION,” a report by Briefly underscores the monumental achievement of this individual who emerged victorious in the Ithuba National Lottery on a significant date, Saturday, 19 August, as reported by The South African. This is not the first time he has tasted success, having previously secured a more modest R11,000 in the Lotto.

Residing in Hillbrow, this fortunate individual’s substantial win amounted to an exact sum of R22,463,200.90 in the national lottery. In an exclusive revelation to TshisaLIVE, he disclosed a profound belief that his destiny was intertwined with this victory.

“I have always harbored the unwavering belief that the jackpot was within my grasp. Witnessing the successes of other players before me, I remained resolute in my pursuit. Truly, persistence begets rewards,” he affirmed.


This young man, who has chosen to maintain his anonymity, staked a mere R40 as his wager, a seemingly modest investment that resulted in profound returns. Beyond this, he deliberately selected his own set of six fortunate numbers, adhering steadfastly to this choice across his repeated attempts. His steadfast consistency bore fruit, culminating in the life-altering triumph he now celebrates.

In contemplating utilising his newfound wealth, Ithuba reports that the 20-year-old victor has earmarked his R22 million Lotto jackpot for property investment. This prudent decision reflects his strategic outlook and ambition to secure his financial future.

Charmaine Mabuza, the CEO of Ithuba, voiced her exuberance at being privy to yet another transformative moment catalyzed by the National Lottery. Her sentiment underscores the profound influence the lottery can exert on individuals’ lives.

Mabuza remarked, “This success story underscores the life-enhancing impact the National Lottery can have. We wish the winner all the best as they embark on this new chapter, and we look forward to supporting their dreams and aspirations.”

In addition to this triumphant account, Ithuba also shared news of another South African, this time hailing from Stellenbosch, who secured a noteworthy R32,785,982.10 from the Lotto Plus 1 jackpot on 16 August, with a wager amounting to R40. These successive tales of fortune further underscore the transformative potential of the National Lottery, serving as inspirations to those who continue to dream of their own moments of financial uncertainty.


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