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Stranded in Cairo: The terrifying story of 22 South Africans escaping war-torn Sudan



22 South Africans who fled war-torn Sudan found themselves stranded in Cairo

Recent reports reveal that 22 South Africans who fled war-torn Sudan found themselves stranded in Cairo, Egypt, for several days. According to Eyewitness News, Gift of the Givers, a humanitarian organisation, received a call for help from the 22 stuck on a boat in Safaga port. Unfortunately, they could not receive clearance in time for their flight back home to South Africa and, as a result, were trapped on the boat for several days.

The conflict in Sudan erupted two weeks ago, with more than 500 people killed and tens of thousands displaced in Khartoum. The South African International Relations Department has worked with NGOs to bring back dozens of nationals, and there have been reports that 66 evacuees have already returned home from Saudi Arabia and Egypt. However, Gift of the Givers confirmed that there are still more overseas.

There is a belief that a company chartered 22 South Africans to work on a project in Port Sudan last September and was due to complete their task in two weeks when the conflict broke out. The situation has left them stranded. Gift of the Givers has notified all relevant government bodies to take swift action to evacuate the group.

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Picture: Twitter / tndaba

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