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Midrand Cyclist Takes on 865km Journey on Two Wheels



865km cycling journey

In a compelling endeavour, Meli Ndlovu, a 42-year-old cyclist residing in Midrand, is gearing up for an 865km cycling journey from Midrand to Bulawayo Pumula North in Zimbabwe, covering the impressive distance in 34 hours starting from December 18.

Ndlovu, a dedicated professional cyclist affiliated with Team View Cycling Group and Team Vitality, found his passion for cycling in 2015. Having previously taken on extensive cycling challenges for causes like COVID-19 and blood pressure awareness, his upcoming journey holds special significance as he aims to shine a spotlight on the detrimental effects of drug abuse, particularly among the youth of South Africa.

This seasoned cyclist, who has clinched 31 medals from various cycling events, stresses the importance of spreading awareness about drug addiction and its far-reaching consequences. In an interview with Midrand Reporter, Ndlovu shared his motivation, expressing a deep concern for teenagers who may succumb to the allure of drugs, jeopardising their education and prospects.

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His mission transcends the physical feat of cycling; it’s a powerful advocacy campaign encouraging young people to make informed and positive choices for their well-being. Ndlovu believes in promoting a message of hope globally, urging everyone to reject the lure of drugs and focus on building a brighter future.


Despite long-distance cycling challenges, Ndlovu has established an impressive track record, winning medals in renowned events like the Joburg Cycle Challenge 947 and the East Rand Classic. His longest cycling distance was a remarkable 1,600km Ultra Vital Breakfast Cycle Challenge from Durban to Gweru, completed in just five days.

Reflecting on his journey in Zimbabwe, Ndlovu reminisced about his cycling experiences, covering significant distances and obtaining his cycling license in Harare. His achievements notwithstanding, Ndlovu’s ultimate aspiration is to participate in the Union Cycliste Internationale Tour de France next year, an ambition that underscores his standing as a world-class cyclist.

As Ndlovu pedals toward this monumental journey, his efforts go beyond the physical realm, seeking to create awareness, inspire positive choices, and contribute to a drug-free and healthier future for the youth.

Source: Midrand-based cyclist to embark on an 865km cycling journey

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