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Over 30 Victims Rescued in Boksburg Human Trafficking Operation



human trafficking victims in Boksburg

In a breakthrough operation on Sunday evening, law enforcement successfully rescued more than 30 human trafficking victims in Boksburg. According to The Citizen, the victims, subjected to deplorable conditions, were rescued as authorities cracked down on this illicit activity.

The Border Management Authority (BMA) has been actively combating human trafficking, with a recent operation at the Beitbridge border post leading to the rescue of approximately 443 children from Zimbabwe. During a coordinated effort, law enforcement officials found these children, all under the age of eight, in 42 buses. The circumstances, particularly the fact that the children were unaccompanied, raised suspicions of human trafficking.

Commander Michael Masiapato of the border guard highlighted that swift action was crucial in preventing the potential trafficking of these children into South Africa. Engaging with Zimbabwean officials, the BMA facilitated the return of the children for further processing.

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The BMA’s ongoing efforts to curb illegal entry into South Africa have been notable, with over 44,000 individuals prevented from entering the country since the transitional period began in April 2023. This robust approach aims to dismantle human trafficking networks and protect vulnerable individuals from falling victim to such heinous crimes.


As South Africa braces for the upcoming festive season, the BMA is intensifying its readiness. An additional 380 personnel will be deployed at selected high-traffic ports of entry to manage the anticipated movement of around six million people through various borders, airports, and harbours in December. This proactive stance underscores the commitment to ensuring the safety and security of all individuals during the holiday period.

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