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Accused in Kirsten Kluyts Homicide Case Continues to Deny Involvement



The individual facing charges for the rape and murder of teacher Kirsten Kluyts has adamantly declared that he had no intention of committing such a crime, questioning the logic behind such an action for his benefit. According to Eyewitness News, Kluyts tragically fell victim during an organized run at George Lea Park in Sandton back in October.

The suspect, a 21-year-old student, was subsequently apprehended for this heinous act. His bail hearing began last week, where he took the stand to argue for his release, a process that is set to continue on Monday with him still testifying.

The charges against him include premeditated murder. During the court proceedings on Monday, his defense attorney, Itumeleng Masako, persistently inquired if he had any plans to murder anyone on the day in question, to which he consistently responded negatively.

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He recounted being at a party in Alexandra the previous night and taking a taxi back to his student residence the following morning. However, he fell asleep during the journey and missed his stop, leading him to walk part of the distance.


He mentioned stopping at a nearby restaurant, and when questioned about his intentions to commit murder at that time, he firmly denied it again, remarking that such a thought process would indicate a disturbed mind.

Further pressed for details, he maintained the implausibility of someone going from a party, intending to return home to submit an assignment, and then suddenly deciding to commit murder.

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