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Actom Expands Pretoria Plant with R100 Million Investment



Actom Expands Pretoria Plant with R100 Million Investment

Actom, a prominent supplier of electrical equipment, services, and balance of plant solutions in the renewable energy sector, has revealed plans to invest R100 million in expanding its Pretoria plant. This strategic initiative aims to enhance local manufacturing capabilities in the electro-mechanical equipment industry, fostering the growth of South Africa’s renewable energy sector and job creation, as reported by Metal Working News.

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The announcement of this substantial investment was made during the fifth South African Investment Conference in Johannesburg in April this year. Actom’s commitment, along with other investment pledges, has surpassed the initial target of R1.2 trillion set by President Cyril Ramaphosa, totalling an impressive R1.51 trillion over five years. This underscores the confidence of investors in the South African market.

Mervyn Naidoo, Actom’s Group Chief Executive Officer, expressed optimism about the company’s pivotal role in the energy sector. Naidoo highlighted Actom’s reputation as a well-positioned South African company offering energy solutions through a diverse portfolio and strategic partnerships. He emphasised the company’s dedication to providing cutting-edge technology and advanced products that address challenges in the electro-mechanical industry, spanning from large-scale infrastructure installations to smaller-scale projects and support services.

Naidoo explained, “We are a leading stockist and supplier of competitively priced quality electrical equipment through our extensive Southern and Sub-Saharan African distribution network, comprising 13 branches across the country.” He added, “We have earnestly started expanding our plant, and this will contribute to growing the economy of Gauteng in particular and the country in general by building local manufacturing capacity in the electro-mechanical equipment sector.”


“The R100 million investment in the Pretoria plant expansion not only underscores Actom’s commitment to technological advancement but also its dedication to job creation. This initiative will result in the employment of 30 people, further enhancing the company’s status as a significant contributor to South Africa’s labor market.”

“Actom is already a major employer in South Africa, with over 7,000 employees working across its 34 operating units, 53 production, service, and repair facilities, and more than 33 distribution outlets throughout Southern Africa. The company’s expansion plans align with the nation’s broader goals of economic growth and sustainability.”

“The Pretoria plant expansion represents a strategic move by Actom to capitalise on the booming renewable energy sector, a pivotal area of growth within the South African economy. As the nation continues to transition toward cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, the demand for advanced electro-mechanical equipment is on the rise. Actom’s investment will not only enable it to meet this demand effectively but also position the company as a leader in driving local manufacturing in the sector.”

“Actom’s R100 million investment in the expansion of its Pretoria plant is a significant milestone for both the company and South Africa’s renewable energy industry. By committing to local manufacturing and technological advancement, Actom is poised to play a vital role in the nation’s sustainable energy future while contributing to economic growth and job creation in the region. With the successful implementation of this expansion project, Actom is well-positioned to continue providing innovative energy solutions to meet the evolving needs of South Africa’s dynamic energy landscape.”

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