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ANC assets facing seizure over unpaid R102m bill



The ANC has failed to pay a KwaZulu-Natal marketing company, Ezulweni Investments, for an R102 million contract to supply election posters and banners. After the ANC’s latest appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal lapsed due to a failure to file documents on time, Ezulweni lodged a writ of attachment of assets with the Johannesburg High Court registrar as reported by GroundUp.

This writ would allow the Sheriff to seize removable goods from the ANC’s Luthuli House headquarters to the value of R102,465,000 and sell them at a public auction.

If the debt is not met, liquidation proceedings will be launched against the party.

The ANC’s defence was deemed “far-fetched” by a full bench of three judges, who upheld that there was a verbal agreement in place.

Photo: Facebook / @MyANC

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