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Solidarity’s Afrikaans-only university completed under-budget



Solidarity, a South African trade union, has completed the construction of Sol-Tech, a new university that will teach courses exclusively in Afrikaans. The university was built for R300 million, finished on schedule, and under budget as reported by Kasi Enterprises .

The union, which has over 210,000 members, raised funds for the project by collecting monthly donations of R10 from its members, with some choosing to donate more. The Sol-Tech University will provide education and training in technical and vocational fields, such as engineering and construction, focusing on preparing students for the job market.

The university is expected to open its doors to its first batch of students shortly, offering them a unique opportunity to learn in Afrikaans, one of South Africa’s official languages. The project has received mixed reactions from the public, with some celebrating the opportunity for Afrikaans-speaking students to receive education in their mother tongue. In contrast, others criticize the decision to exclude other languages from the curriculum.

Photo: Twitter / @Kasi Enterprises

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