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Stranded Commuters as A Re Yeng Bus Drivers in Tshwane Refuse to Work



areyeng bus drivers

Many City of Tshwane commuters found themselves in helplessness on Monday morning, with more than 70% of the Areyeng bus drivers refusing to work.

According to EWN, the resumption of services on Monday was anticipated after their suspension, which resulted from the ongoing wage disputes, had extended indefinitely.

City of Tshwane spokesperson Selby Bokaba said many bus drivers had appeared for work. Yet, they expressed their refusal to operate the buses.

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This refusal led to only 36 drivers stepping up to the task, commencing their shifts at 4:15 a.m.


However, the city encountered ten additional drivers who, at approximately 6 a.m., reported themselves unable to fulfil their duties due to illness. In contrast, others cited various personnel reasons for their absence.

In light of these events, the majority of the drivers, though present, stood united in their collective decision to abstain from driving the buses, thereby severely disrupting the city’s public transportation system.

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Picture: X / Takatso_Moloi


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