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Malema to Lead EFF’s Palestinian Solidarity Picket at Israeli Embassy in Pretoria



Palestinian solidarity picket

Julius Malema is gearing up to take the helm of the EFF’s Palestinian solidarity picket at the Israeli Embassy located in Pretoria.

As per EWN, the Palestinians are involved in a conflict with Israel.

Thousands died within the Gaza Strip since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7.

The Israeli Defense Forces responded by launching retaliatory offensives. The Palestinian health ministry reported that this response resulted in the tragic deaths of over 4,300 individuals in Palestine.

Contrastingly, the Israeli government offers a lower count, indicating just over 1,400 casualties.


This Monday, the Israeli Embassy in Pretoria will again witness a demonstration staged by a South African political party.

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Merely last Friday, hundreds of members affiliated with the ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), convened for a picket right outside the embassy’s premises.

Some of the participants in this gathering fervently called for the expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador, Eliav Belotsercovsky.

A recently released official statement by the EFF underscores the organization’s deep concern regarding the retaliatory measures executed by the Israeli military.


The EFF contends that these measures have tragically evolved into what they describe as a genocide, coupled with the alarming accusation of ethnic cleansing targeting the Palestinian populace.

The EFF’s statement is not solely an expression of concern but also a call to the global community, urging them to respond to the ongoing and profound human rights crisis unfolding in the Gaza region.

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Picture: X / EFFSouthAfrica


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