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Bikers of Bronkhorstspruit Unite to Support Fellow Rider



Bikers of Bronkhorstspruit Unite to Support Fellow Rider

In a display of unity and compassion, a cohort of enthusiastic bikers from Bronkhorstspruit rallied together to partake in a nationwide women’s ride on August 9th. This spirited event, welcoming both male and female bikers, transcended boundaries as approximately 50 participants embarked on a journey from Soetdoring in Bronkhorstspruit, culminating in an assembly at Que Sera in Pretoria where Mpumalanga riders converged with their counterparts.

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The driving force behind this communal endeavour was the sincere desire to extend a lifeline to Desiree van der Westhuizen, whose life took a dramatic turn following a quadbike accident in 2020. At age 35, Desiree grappled with debilitating paralysis encompassing her chest. This event, reaching beyond geographic confines, beckoned all bikers who harboured the yearning to make a meaningful impact and contribute to Desiree’s cause.

Chantelle Pieterse, a stalwart member of Mac’s Familia 1313 Bronkhorstspruit Ladies, stood at the helm of this noble undertaking. Pieterse’s dedication to orchestrating this philanthropic endeavour was matched by her gratitude towards the event’s sponsors and supporters. Furthermore, the solidarity of 1313 Mac’s Familia was evident as members from diverse towns, including George, Middelburg, Durban, Pretoria, Klerksdorp, Cape Town, Garden Route, and Boksburg congregated to join hands in support of Desiree.

The presence of vigilant response teams from Bronkhorstspruit, comprising Ara Towing, First Care, Pro towing, Kapanga, and AfriForum, ensured that safety was paramount during the event. Their commitment to safeguarding the well-being of participants reflects the holistic approach taken to ensure the event’s success.


Pieterse’s assertion that the day culminated in success and the safe return of all participants is a testament to the meticulous planning and unwavering dedication underpinning the event’s execution.

Yet, the true triumph of this endeavour lies in the collective contributions that will reverberate long after the engines have ceased to roar. The funds amassed through this heartfelt event are earmarked to alleviate Desiree’s burden, catalysing a transformative endeavour. These funds promise to facilitate Desiree’s access to a stem cell implant—a beacon of hope that potentially heralds her journey toward regaining mobility and independence.

Source: Bronkhorstspruit bikers host event to help one of their own

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Photo: Supplied by Ridge Times

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