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Tragic Boksburg Shootings Claim Three Lives



Boksburg shootings claims three lives

A series of Boksburg shootings claimed the lives of three individuals.

On October 31, a 17-year-old boy named Levano Vissagie lost his life, seemingly struck by stray bullets while buying sweets at a store in Cosmos Street, Reiger Park.

The incident unfolded when an unknown assailant fired shots in the vicinity of Cosmos Street, fatally wounding 28-year-old Dillon Riddles, as per the Reiger Park Police spokesperson, Constable Johannes Msimanga.

In response to a tip-off regarding the Cosmos Street shooting around 19:30, the police swiftly arrived at the crime scene to discover two lifeless bodies. The Reiger Park Community Medic and Chaplaincy (RPCMC) were also present, reported Msimanga.

There have been no arrests, and the police have opened two murder cases in connection with the incident.


The RPCMC was alerted to the shooting and rushed to the scene. But the victims had already passed away.

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In a separate case, a tragic event unfolded on October 27, when a 17-year-old girl named Jade Vries fell victim to two armed robbers on Princess Avenue in Delmore Gardens.

According to Msimanga, authorities allege that the suspects robbed the girl of her cell phone during the incident and fatally shot her.

Upon receiving the notification of the murder around 19:40, the police quickly arrived at the scene. They discovered the lifeless body of the girl in a purple Honda Ballade on Princess Avenue.


The grieving mother of the child relayed that she had parked the car to buy cookies at a nearby house. While inside, she heard a gunshot and rushed outside to investigate, only to find her daughter deceased. She suspects that the perpetrators who killed her daughter also stole her cellphone.

The police have opened cases of murder and theft. The suspects remain at large.

Those with information regarding these three murders are urged to contact Reiger Park station commander, Lieutenant Colonel Bongani Dube, at 082 775 2682 or call 10111.

Source: Three people killed in Boksburg shootings

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