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Bongani Ntanzi, Accused in Senzo Meyiwa Trial, Caught with Cellphone in Prison; Data to Be Revealed Wednesday



Bongani Ntanzi

In the ongoing trial for the murder of Senzo Meyiwa, Bafana Bafana captain formerly, it was found that Bongani Ntanzi, one among the accused, had a cell phone also when they were detained at Zulani police station in Pretoria.

In his testimony, Boepatitie Baweni Thabo Ndlovu shared that he took data from a device discovered on the accused, which could lead to discovering the truth about the case, as per IOL.

This situation turned out twice that the accused individuals possessed the phones during their incarceration in the murder case.

Indeed, ex-warder Sibusiso Yaka said that the phone was taken from accused number 5, Fisohdule Ntuli.

The question and the answer laid out the learned doctor’s possession of the same Samsung model on February 7th this year.


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Weaving through the complicated passwords, Ndlovu explained how he accessed the real-time data and saved it for future analysis.

Contrary to the initial challenges, Ndlovu succeeded in extracting the data using a machine called XRY, and then he sealed it in a new evidence bag.

Cellphone tracking should not be considered indisputable evidence because Gideon Gouws, the cell phone analyst, will provide testimony from the cell phone data on Wednesday.

The continued legal proceedings unite the five defendants—Ntanzi, Ntuli, Muzikawukhulelwa Sibiya, Nkosi Maphisa, and Mthobisi Mncube—charged with killing the late athlete.


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