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Hammanskraal Water Crisis: Bottled Water Included in Crèche ‘Stationery’ List



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Amidst the ongoing water contamination crisis in Hammanskraal, bottled water has become necessary for residents, even finding its way onto the list of stationery items for local crèches. EWN reports the devastating effects of the cholera outbreak last year, which claimed at least 31 lives, have left many wary of ever drinking tap water again. While officials promised almost a year ago to address the crisis, including investigations into water projects, residents continue to be advised against tap water due to safety concerns.

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In Temba, one of the areas heavily affected by the water crisis, the sight of people carrying buckets or bottles to fetch purified water has become a common occurrence. Mamoruti Damaris Malebye, who has been running the Little Darlings crèche for nearly three decades, has had to make an unusual request to parents: to provide bottled water for their children. Malebye understands some parents’ financial constraints and stresses the importance of community support in such challenging times.

The socio-economic conditions in Temba exacerbate the difficulties residents face, with many struggling to afford bottled water. Malebye’s compassionate approach reflects the spirit of solidarity within the community, where sharing and understanding prevail. Despite calls for action from authorities, including a directive from the Public Protector, tap water in Hammanskraal remains a dangerous gamble, posing significant health risks to residents.

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