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Gauteng EMS on High Alert Ahead of Anticipated Heavy Rainfall



heavy downpours

Gauteng emergency services intensify their readiness procedure as the Western South African Weather Service signs the possibility of heavy downpours and severe thunderstorms. Per Jacaranda FM, unlike other states which experience fewer natural disasters, these early warning alerts cover regions such as Tshwane and Johannesburg. The Water Level in the Tshwane Reservoir is now at a Yellow 4, while that of the Johannesburg Dam is currently at Level 2.

Johannesburg’s emergency services briefing representative, Robert Mulaudzi, highlighted their plan to implement a system encompassing all seven city regions while deepening their support in informal settlements. The Johannesburg City (ECRL) EMS Aquatic Unit Scuba Rescue is always ready to show up and intervene in any water-related rescue missions. A message to the residents is to be careful around rivers, streams, and drainage systems. At the same time, motorists need to be cautious, stay far from those roads, and not switch lanes, cross bridges, or drive in low-lying places prone to flooding.

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Likewise, in Tshwane, emergency services in areas located at flood risk are closely monitored. Charles Mabaso, a spokesperson of the City Emergency Services, reiterated safety measures such as staying indoors within a home during storms and avoiding metallic objects as well as tall structures. Activities like fishing and golfing should be avoided because they include the risk of being hit by a lightning strike. You should especially avoid driving through a flood, bridges, and swollen streams, as these can cause you to be trapped or stranded.

Storms can cause hail, strong gusts of wind, torrential rains, and frequent lightning, so local residents ought to be alert and heed authorities’ guidelines.


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