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Braamfontein Cemetery’s ash walls vandalized



The Friends of the Cemeteries have asked the City of Johannesburg to enhance security at the Braamfontein Cemetery, where vandals have damaged 4,000 people’s ashes. Volunteers from the organization are currently attempting to clean up the vandalized ash walls, which have been stripped of marble and granite plaques as reported by IOL.

Johannesburg City Parks has dealt with comparable issues at the Brixton Cemetery by improving security.

Sarah Welham, a Friends of the Cemeteries volunteer, has requested that private organizations assist in erecting a high wall around the cemetery.

The ash wall, which includes people dating back to 1930, has been ruined, and the vandal’s motives are unknown.

Johannesburg City Parks acknowledged the Braamfontein Cemetery’s situation, stating that many niches were destroyed, with the extent of the damage still being evaluated.


Photo: Facebook / @Friends of Johannesburg Cemeteries

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