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Brakpan Police Educates Businesses on New Currency to Combat Fraud



In light of the recent release of new banknotes and coins, Brakpan SAPS organised an awareness campaign in the Brakpan CBD last Wednesday. The campaign was aimed at providing businesses with crucial information about the updated currency.

Constable Audrey Buthelezi, the manager of Brakpan SAPS Sector 1, highlighted the campaign’s objective of preventing fraudulent activities.

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“The purpose was to familiarise business owners with the appearance and texture of the new money, enabling them to differentiate between the old and upgraded notes and coins, as well as identify counterfeit banknotes,” she explained.

Buthelezi stressed the significance of raising awareness among the public as a vital deterrent against criminal endeavours.


“It is crucial for the general public to be well-informed about the upgraded banknotes and coins, empowering them to recognise counterfeit currency and promptly report such incidents to the police,” she emphasised.

The knowledge and insights provided during the campaign were well-received by business proprietors and their employees, who expressed gratitude towards Brakpan SAPS for their efforts.

The Brakpan SAPS liquor and second-hand goods team played a supportive role in facilitating the campaign, further contributing to its success.

Source: Brakpan police conduct awareness campaign on new banknotes and coins

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Photo: Facebook / @Brakpan Herald

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