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Breast Cancer Awareness Gains Traction in the Local Community



Breast Cancer Awareness Gains Traction in the Local Community

In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, residents in Diepkloof Zone 4 organised a lively, fun walk on October 21 to raise awareness about breast cancer and celebrate survivors. Participants donned pink shirts and caps as they strolled through the neighbourhood, aiming to break the stigma surrounding breast cancer. The event culminated at Mimi’s Place, where attendees enjoyed refreshments.

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Mabusi Malope, one of the event’s organisers and co-founder of Mimi’s Place, shared her personal connection to breast cancer and mental health. She emphasised the importance of supporting survivors and those indirectly impacted by the disease.

The event was inclusive, inviting all residents, including children and males, highlighting that cancer knows no boundaries of age, gender, or race. Malope expressed her hope for future events, aiming to involve stakeholders such as the Department of Health for attendee screenings.

Local cancer survivors had the opportunity to share their stories and were recognised with certificates for their participation. Malope emphasised the importance of community support and urged residents to stand together to combat the stigma surrounding cancer. She thanked everyone involved in the event and encouraged unity in the face of this disease.


Source: Awareness of breast cancer spread among locals

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Photo: Supplied by Soweto Urban

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