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Stormwater Infrastructure Ready for Heavy Rainfall



Stormwater Infrastructure Ready for Heavy Rainfall

Kwatsaduza – Clr Andile Mngwevu, the Ekurhuleni MMC for Transport Planning, Roads and Stormwater, continued the stormwater system cleaning campaign on Thursday at the corner of Vlakfontein and Black roads next to Duduza Rank. This ongoing program has been conducted in various parts of the city to prepare for the upcoming rainy season, prevent flooding, and ensure unobstructed water flow.

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Mngwevu was joined by the five Kwa-Thema ward councillors, the Kwa-Thema convenor of councillors, Ald Dorah Mlambo, and the Kwa-Thema CCC customer relations manager, Andries Nkabinde, who all participated in the cleaning efforts.

The team worked diligently to remove objects like vehicle tires, animal bones and skin, plastic bags, and logs from the blocked drains. Mngwevu emphasised the importance of maintaining unblocked drains, as blockages not only lead to damaged roads and potholes but also create unpleasant odours in the area, impacting the community negatively.

Mngwevu called on the community to refrain from disposing of foreign objects into the stormwater system, as this results in unnecessary blockages that can lead to flooding. He attributed the presence of foreign objects in the stormwater system to illegal vendors at the rank and mentioned ongoing discussions with the EMPD to enforce by-laws in this regard.


Mngwevu also emphasised the need for vendors to register and pay their bills, which would allow the city to place bins near their trading areas. He assured that the city would collaborate with the environmental and water departments to ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of water streams and ditches.

Source: Stormwater infrastructure is prepared for heavy rains

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Photo: Supplied by African Reporter

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