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Cellphone Thief Punished with Song and Dance by Angry Mob



A cellphone thief was caught and made to sing and dance as punishment by an angry mob in a market in downtown Johannesburg. The incident, captured on video and has since gone viral on social media, shows the thief being surrounded and confronted by the crowd after being caught red-handed as reported by CrimeInSA.

According to eyewitnesses, the thief had stolen a cell phone from a woman and was trying to make a quick getaway when he was apprehended. However, the crowd, not impressed by the thief’s actions, decided to take matters into their own hands and demanded that he sing and dance as punishment for his crime.

In the video, the thief can be seen trying to explain himself, but the crowd is having none of it. They continue to shout at him, demanding that he performs his punishment. Eventually, the thief gives in and starts to sing and dance, much to the crowd’s amusement.

The incident has sparked a debate on social media, with some praising the crowd for acting against crime while others have condemned the act as a form of public humiliation.

The police have warned against taking the law into one’s own hands and have urged public members to report crime incidents to the authorities.


Photo: Twitter / @CrimeInSA

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