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AKA’s Murder Case Jeopardized by Misleading Reports on Suspects!



Ongoing reports about AKA’s murder suspects misleading and might jeopardise ongoing investigations

Police in KwaZulu-Natal are concerned with the ongoing media reports and speculations which news sites are peddling as breaking news in the murders of Kiernan Forbes, widely known as AKA and Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane.

According to the South African Police Service, unconfirmed news reports about the arrest of an ever-changing number of suspects have been going around and are misleading readers. Although police understand that the crimes attracted media attention and that the public impatiently awaits any changes, police are requesting that the media and everyone else stop making reports that have the potential of jeopardising ongoing investigations. Such statements also can put at risk the lives of the people police purported to have arrested and endangering individuals who are shown as police officers in videos and photographs which have been going around on certain websites and social media platforms.

Police are asking for time and space to investigate the crime without unwarranted scrutiny and undue pressure from analysts, armchair investigators, and so-called faceless sources claiming to be close to the investigations.

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Picture: Twitter /batuli_actress

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