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Tshwane’s Future Requires a Mind Shift, Says Mayor



mind shift

Mayor Cilliers Brink envisions a transformative journey for Tshwane, highlighting the need for a mind shift to secure the city’s future. Reflecting on 2023, Brink acknowledges both innovative strides and challenges, identifying the cholera outbreak in Hammanskraal as a poignant low point, emphasising the imperative to prevent such tragedies. Brink underscores the city’s commitment to pioneering initiatives, aiming for Tshwane to embody cleanliness, safety, and beauty.

Brink applauds the appointment of seven new top management members, highlighting the significance of Yolanda Faro’s role as the head of metro police in restoring law and order after an unprotected strike. The mayor stresses the necessity of capable municipal department leaders to effectively drive the city’s progress. Plans to divide the city into 30 corridors in the coming year signal a strategic focus on priorities like maintaining road aesthetics and improving traffic infrastructure.

Addressing recent by-elections, Brink acknowledges the collaborative effort with the Freedom Front Plus, underscoring the importance of political cooperation and co-decision-making in the municipal landscape. He envisions coalitions as the future of governance at this level, stressing the need for collective dedication to the well-being of Tshwane and its residents.

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Brink highlights the energy summit as a notable achievement, accentuating progress in establishing the city’s independence from Eskom through private partnerships around power stations. However, he acknowledges pressing matters like an ongoing unprotected strike and the city’s financial challenges, which demand immediate attention. The mayor underscores the commitment to eliminate unnecessary expenditures and enhance revenue sources to provide taxpayers with tangible value.


Improving the meter system is a crucial revenue collection strategy, with Brink acknowledging the lingering impact of the PAYO system set up in 2013. The city aims to avoid past mistakes and seeks new partnerships around the meter system. Looking ahead to 2025, Brink aims to institute effective property tax tariffs through a new property evaluation role, prioritising the welfare of residents amid economic challenges.

In addressing the city’s Eskom debt, Tshwane has applied to the National Treasury to explore negotiation possibilities for the debt write-off offer. Brink also outlines plans for enhanced communication with residents, including a computer application to reduce reliance on call centres and empower residents to voice concerns. An SMS system for service delivery complaints and improved accessibility for older residents through walk-in centres are part of the city’s vision for a more connected and responsive community engagement model.

Source: Mind shift is the solution for Tshwane’s future, says mayor

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