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Tshwane Unveils Revised Load Shedding Schedule: Stay Informed



Tshwane load-shedding schedule

Here’s the updated Tshwane load-shedding schedule:


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The power could take down your alarm and other security features when it’s out. Here are some tips for keeping safe when the power is down:

Alarm Batteries

Make sure all batteries are charged and working. An alarm’s backup battery will averagely power the system for eight hours. However, this depends on several factors, such as how many devices are linked to the panel, the age of the battery, and how many power failures or spikes are experienced in the area. Power outages can dramatically reduce the lifespan of the alarm battery.

Electric Fence

Ensure that your electric fence continues to function during power outages. Your electric fence battery should have a backup battery.


If you use a generator, never operate it anywhere inside your home, including the garage or any confined area, as it produces carbon monoxide, which can be fatal.


Arriving/Leaving Home

Ensure you are alert when arriving or leaving your home in the evenings, as the street lights and outside lighting may not function during power outages. Keep a torch in your car.

At Home

Ensure all automated gates and doors are secured, and all other gates and doors are locked. Fire hazards can increase with candles, gas, and other lighting devices being used more often. Therefore, home fire extinguishers should be on hand. Install battery-operated lights in strategic places in your home. Keep the keys to motorised gates in an accessible location and have good-quality padlocks available to use as a backup. Programme your security provider number in your cell phone in case of emergency. Keep your cell phone fully charged.

Source: Here’s the updated Tshwane load shedding schedule

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