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City Power uncovers and cuts illegal connection at Kliptown brick factory



City Power cut an illegal connection at a Kliptown brick factory

City Power cut an illegal connection at a Kliptown brick factory. The utility security personnel, joined by JMPD, took its sting operation to Soweto after receiving a tip-off about a business illegally connected to a City Power Medium Voltage network through a 150m MV cable and a suspected stolen transformer installed inside the company. They caught the Tiger Brick factory near the Soweto Hotel illegally connected to the City Power transformer outside the hotel.

During the operation, City Power established that two other businesses owned by the same people were also connecting to the same transformer, all of which were disconnected. According to a spokesperson for City Power, Isaac Mangena, the business does not have a City Power meter despite its sizable operation producing bricks and other cement and concrete products.

The successful operation arrested a business owner and two workers, who received charges of tampering with municipal infrastructure. According to the utility, Metro Police also issued the owners with two sections 56 citations for illegal connection. In addition, the owners can appear in court or pay a R3 million fine.

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City Power CEO, Tshifularo Mashava, commended the work of their security team and the JMPD in clamping down on defaulters and those stealing electricity. Mashava stated that the utility is losing millions of Rands in revenue due to the actions of businesses like this. Mashava also urged those who have illegally connected themselves to approach City Power before they go to them.


Illegal connections are a significant issue in South Africa, costing power utilities millions in lost revenue annually. In addition, businesses and individuals who do not comply with the law and connect to the electricity network without the necessary permits or licenses are also putting themselves and others at risk of electrocution and fire. When City Power cut an illegal connection at a Kliptown brick factory, it forms part of a more significant effort to crack down on non-complying businesses citywide.

Source: City Power cuts illegal connection at Kliptown’s brick factory

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