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City Power Enhances Efforts to Resolve North Riding Outages



North Riding outages

In response to recurrent North Riding outages and surrounding areas, including prolonged low power voltages in Sharonlea, City Power has bolstered its workforce to address these issues and find a lasting solution.

City Power acknowledges the inconvenience these disruptions have caused residents, attributing the recent outages to various factors such as cable problems, equipment failures, theft, and vandalism.

Isaac Mangena, the spokesperson, understands the frustration of residents facing extended power supply interruptions. He states, “City Power has been diligently working on restoring power to all residents, as promised at the Mayoral Service Delivery event.”

The recent problems began in late September when the Olivedale and Sharonlea communities started experiencing low voltage upon identifying an open circuit, a dedicated team was assigned to rectify the low voltage challenge and ordered the necessary repair materials.

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The repair team encountered difficulties as the cable was situated in challenging locations, including areas with bushes and crossing a river. Although the team completed the initial repairs, subsequent testing revealed cable failure. They discovered later that the fault was a stolen cable. Repairs continued overnight until the team resolved the issue.

City Power took further steps by rerouting the cables away from areas prone to theft and vandalism, offering a safer alternative.

The North Riding outages began due to an incident in which Johannesburg Water accidentally damaged the City Power cable during their project work. This damaged power supply tripped frequently due to the challenges of working in waterlogged areas with multiple service cables. Further delays ensued while waiting for the water to drain from the trench, making it unsafe for the team to work with electricity.

City Power devised a temporary solution to restore power supply while addressing these issues. Unfortunately, the temporary solution proved inadequate to handle the load, leading to further outages.

Mangena notes that a dedicated team works to implement a lasting, permanent solution. However, challenges exist due to the area’s infrastructure. Repairs are underway, and additional teams have been brought in to expedite the resolution of these problems.


Source: City Power beefs up its team to help resolve North Riding outages

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