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Umdoni Municipality Cautions Against Job Scams



Umdoni Municipality says no jobs for sale

The Umdoni Municipality has received reports about individuals allegedly contacting applicants for the Umdoni Security Services Training Programme, which closed for applications on Friday, October 13. These individuals are said to request an upfront payment, ranging from R700 to R4,000, to secure a spot in the training program.

The Umdoni Municipality unequivocally clarifies that no jobs are available for sale. It vehemently distances itself from this unlawful activity, which exploits desperate individuals and tarnishes the municipality’s reputation.

The municipality strongly emphasises that no jobs are being sold, and it urges all applicants not to make any payments for job opportunities.

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In an official statement, the Umdoni Municipality declared, “We will contact successful applicants once the vetting and shortlisting process has been completed. Individuals who have made payments are urged to report the matter to the police.”


The municipality also condemns actions that can severely impact the program’s credibility and other initiatives to combat poverty and unemployment among local youth.

The municipality urges anyone who receives payment requests to promptly inform the police and provide all evidence to aid in bringing the perpetrators to justice. It reiterates its plea to applicants not to make any payments for job placements.

Source: No jobs for sale at Umdoni Municipality

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