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SHOCKING: Braamfontein Erupts in Chaos as EFF Members Clash with Police



clashes between police and Economic Freedom Fighter members

There have been reports of clashes between police and Economic Freedom Fighter members on Sunday night in Johannesburg. As reported by SABC News, Police have also arrested at least five students during a peaceful protest organised by the EFF in Braamfontein. These incidents occurred on the night before the nationwide shutdown that is currently taking place.

The EFF has publicly rejected the army’s deployment across South Africa, condemning it as a “bloodthirsty” act of intolerance towards dissent and opposition by the ruling party. However, contrary to this statement, Parliament has confirmed the deployment of 3,474 members of SANDF under ‘Operation Prosper’ to work with the South African Police Services to prevent and combat crime and maintain and preserve law and order in South Africa.

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Picture: Twitter / JKwritingz

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