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Clr Denny of Ward 106 elevates Alberton street light issue



Alberton Record -Clr Denny of Ward 106 elevates Alberton street light issue

Clr Denny of Ward 106 elevates Alberton street light issue. It has been discovered that the malfunctioning of many street lights is not due to faulty bulbs but rather a simple fuse in a mini-substation.

Councilor Denny and the Ward 106 committee team have taken action by conducting a comprehensive census of all streets in Alberton. This initiative aims to gather accurate data on the dysfunctional street lights, enabling them to present a detailed report to the energy department on May 12. In addition, by escalating the matter to the relevant authorities, they aim to seek urgent intervention from the City of Ekurhuleni in repairing and restoring the street lights.

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The absence of functional street lights has not gone unnoticed. Local law enforcement agencies and security firms have reported a noticeable rise in petty crime during nighttime in areas where the lights are out. This development further highlights the importance of promptly resolving the street light issue to enhance public safety and security in Alberton.

Councilor Denny’s appeal for immediate action reflects the community’s urgent need for well-lit streets. It is hoped that the City of Ekurhuleni will respond promptly and address the problem, ensuring that the street lights are restored to full functionality as soon as possible.


Source: Ward 106 Clr Denny escalates issue of Alberton street lights

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