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Comedian Primed to Elicit Roars of Laughter in Fourways



Comedian Primed to Elicit Roars of Laughter in Fourways

Acclaimed comedian Rory Petzer is eagerly gearing up to tickle the funny bones of Fourways residents with an upcoming stand-up comedy special scheduled for September 6th at Design Decor Centre, Funk Ba.

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Known for his comedic prowess, Petzer is adept at lightening the atmosphere and lifting spirits, attributes he plans to leverage fully for this performance. Anticipating the event, he revealed his excitement once again to take the stage in the vibrant City of Gold, expressing his fondness for the local audience based on his previous experience.

Recalling the genesis of his comedy journey, the 43-year-old comedian, hailing from Gqeberha, recounted, “It all started in Gqeberha in 2013. I had a friend, Michael Arthur, who hosted monthly comedy shows at a popular venue called The Music Kitchen. I went to watch one evening and at the end of the night, and after a few beers, I said, ‘Michael, put me on for next month.’ And funnily enough, that was exactly 10 years ago. My first gig was on August 28th 2013. And I’ve been hopelessly addicted ever since.”

Petzer’s humour covers a wide spectrum, reflecting his ability to find comedy in everyday occurrences. He admitted that his material often stems from his spontaneous observations of human behaviour and the quirks of our actions. “I’m always on the lookout for the funny and when I find it, I share it,” he quipped.


His ultimate satisfaction lies in seeing his audience dissolve into laughter, temporarily escaping the stress and challenges of daily life. With his comedy show in Johannesburg just around the corner, Petzer is gearing up to create that experience for his attendees.

While he’s careful not to reveal too much about his upcoming performance, Petzer did offer a sneak peek into what attendees can expect. “I’ll be telling a few stories about what it was like growing up in Gqeberha in a family of six, relocating to Durban and learning that a ‘bunny’ is not an animal, life in Durban with my partner, Yoshen, and our two dogs, a few observations about this country we love so much even though it frustrates us so much, and possibly even a few (many!) dad jokes.”

Petzer’s distinctive blend of relatable anecdotes, cultural observations, and witty musings is poised to captivate the Fourways audience, promising an evening of laughter, camaraderie, and shared enjoyment.

Source: Comedian set to make Fourways laugh out loud

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