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Local CPF Warns of Increasing Cellphone Snatching Incidents in Sinoville



Local CPF Warns of Increasing Cellphone Snatching Incidents in Sinoville

The community of Sinoville has been cautioned by the local Community Policing Forum (CPF) regarding the resurgence of cellphone snatchings, with the criminal activity predominantly targeting unsuspecting public members.

Lizette du Plooy, a spokesperson for the CPF, outlined that cellphone snatching incidents typically transpire when victims are engrossed in activities that divert their attention from their surroundings. Du Plooy emphasised the recent surge in reports concerning such incidents within the precinct, and the CPF is seriously approaching the situation.

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In response to this concerning trend, the CPF has undertaken to collaborate with the community to address the issue comprehensively and bolster the safety of all residents. Du Plooy underscored the need for residents to remain alert to the threat and adopt measures to safeguard themselves, including practising vigilance and avoiding distractions in public areas.

Cellphone snatchers often operate in bustling locales like shopping malls, transportation hubs, and high-traffic spots linked to e-hailing services. Du Plooy stressed the significance of minimising cellphone usage in such environments to mitigate the risk of becoming a victim.


Alarmingly, the first quarter crime statistics recently disclosed by Police Minister Bheki Cele reveal a surge in petty crimes and robberies in Sinoville, with common thefts witnessing a spike of 38.5% compared to the past five quarters. This category encompasses cellphone snatching, posing a potential gateway to more serious offences. The notable rise in cases over the past 18 months underscores the escalating nature of the issue.

To counter this growing menace, Du Plooy urged residents to report cellphone thefts promptly or attempted thefts to the South African Police Service (SAPS).

In light of these concerns, Du Plooy offered a set of safety recommendations:

  • Enhance awareness of your surroundings and refrain from cellphone conversations in open spaces.
  • Maintain heightened senses while navigating busy or isolated areas.
  • Avoid using headphones, as they attract undue attention.
  • Keep your cell phone concealed and avoid conspicuous displays in public.
  • When using your phone in public, secure it close to your person and
    maintain a firm grip.
  • If a stranger approaches, maintain discretion with your phone and remain vigilant.
  • If confronted by a thief, prioritise your safety and willingly surrender your phone. Personal safety takes precedence over possessions.

Residents of Sinoville are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the emergency contact numbers provided by the Sinoville CPF for each sector, available around the clock for swift assistance:

  • Sector 1: 071 509 6830 (Covering Annlin, Wonderboom, Sinoville, and Magalieskruin).
  • Sector 2: 079 025 5001 (Encompassing Montana Park, Montana Gardens, and Montana Agricultural Holdings north of Sefako Makghato Drive).
  • Sector 3 & 4: 074 133 4353 (Serving Doornpoort).

Source: Cellphone snatching on the rise in Sinoville, local CPF warns

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